Campagnolo Levante wheelset

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Campagnolo Levante wheelset

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Designed, developed and tested on the most challenging and demanding terrain around Cima Ekar, Levante is the first Campagnolo wheel specifically designed for gravel.


Campagnolo Levante disk brake gravel wheelset

Levante. Named after the Easterly wind of the Mediterranean, this new carbon gravel wheelset is designed for speed, durability and control in any terrain

Levante incorporating all the features needed to deliver the maximum performance and elegance that are typical of Campagnolo wheels.

The 30mm profile carbon rim with 25mm internal channel and aluminium hub add up to a wheel that is light and easy to handle, stiff on the climbs and sure on the descents. But that's not all, because Levante is also a light wheel, a wheel that offers excellent comfort in off-road use and that was created with cutting-edge engineering solutions, passing on the proverbial reliability of Campagnolo products. Beneath the accurate aesthetic appearance lies a series of technological innovations that make Levante wheels light and easy to handle, stiff to tackle climbs and reliable on descents. Developed with experience in the field to offer you an extraordinary riding experience. 25mm internal asymmetric rim profile allows speed on all tire types, without disturbing handling. Legendary Campagnolo cup and cone bearings make servicing simple and free hub options are N3W, XDR and HG inclusive. The LEVANTE™ Disc Brake wheel is entirely hand-assembled by a specialised Campagnolo® technician and is 100% checked by electronic instrumentation. This procedure ensures that every single Campagnolo® wheel offers maximum performance and reliability. Maintaining and cleaning the wheel on tyre changes has never been easier. The stunning Campagnolo Luxury (C-LUX) mirror finish is so smooth that no paint is needed. The lasered graphic details also ensure maximum durability of the finish even under extreme conditions.


  • Real weight (pair): 1517 g.
  • 24 slim steel circular-section spokes in a two-cross pattern.
  • Black aluminium monolithic hub.
  • Hub edge: 100 mm in the front, 142 mm in the rear.
  • Pivot material: aluminium.
  • Cup-and-cone bearing system.
  • Internal diameter of rim: 25 mm.
  • Profile height rim: 30 mm.
  • Rim material: carbon.
  • Rim cross section (H x W): 30/30.8 mm.


  • 2x 50 mm tubeless valve.
  • Bushing to reduce the size of the valve hole.
  • 2x levers in composite material for tyre removal.
  • User manual.
  • 2x Padded wheel bags.
  • Accessories bag.


H.U.L.C. (Handmade Ultra-Light Carbon)
Levante rims use the same H.U.L.C. moulding process as pro race dominating Bora Ultra WTO rims. This highly evolved manufacturing technique creates guaranteed defect free rims for maximum strength to weight ratio and flawless cosmetic finishing straight from the mould. It also assures a perfect tubeless fit and wide pressure range security for the 2-Way fit mini tire hook profile. Levante rims use a unique, meticulously tested carbon fibre and resin blend to increase strength and durability even further.

Campagnolo Luxury (C-LUX) finish is the incomparable mirror smooth surface that adds significant performance and practical gains to a shimmeringly beautiful aesthetic. Blemish free from the mould, C-LUX rims need no filler or lacquer to mask mistakes. This saves weight and stops flaking or other creeping cosmetic damage so Levante rims stay beautiful, however tough the ride. The flawless internal surface gives a secure, easy fit tubeless tire seal. It even prolongs tire life by reducing abrasion when switching treads for different seasons and situations. Levante wheels celebrate their adventurous spirit with subtle laser etched, asymmetric matte graphics reflected in the hub bodies. If you look carefully they even have the coordinates to guide you to the birthplace of Campagnolo gravel - the breathtaking Mt Ekar observatory.

Mini Hook
Levante’s 25mm internal rim width can accommodate a broad range of tire widths from 38mm to 76mm, for racing or riding in varied terrain. The shallow centre channel makes initial sealing of the 2-Way tubeless tire fit easily and cleanly as you inflate. The small dimensions of mini-hook guarantee a much cleaner transition between the rim and the tire. Like a hookless rim, it avoids a “lightbulb” shaped profile when using larger tires, providing enhanced stability and grip benefits. Mini-hook also provides added security when using smaller volume tires at higher pressures in comparison to a hookless rim. This system complies with ETRTO clincher and tubeless standards so Levante wheels can be teamed with your favourite rubber, whatever the brand. The asymmetric offset of the rim creates a stronger overall wheel thanks to more balanced spoke tensions. This translates into a tighter, lighter and more responsive wheel that’s still tough enough to tackle off piste trails on a loaded bike. Conventional spoke lacing strategy builds a predictably accurate and stiff wheel that still rides with a forgiving compliance to increase control, sustain rough surface speed and significantly reduce fatigue. The round nosed 30mm depth perfectly balances aero advantage with vice free handling.

Campagnolo’s patented N3W freewheel body, a standard compatible with Campagnolo cassettes past and present, supports the latest 13 speed cassettes, so you can access the unique extra gear ratio advantages of the EKAR transmission. The same ingenious spline design is still compatible with older 12 and 11 speed cassettes. The sculpted, anodized body is also 4.4mm shorter, making it lighter but with the same epic durability.


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Campagnolo Levante wheelset

Designed, developed and tested on the most challenging and demanding terrain around Cima Ekar, Levante is the first Campagnolo wheel specifically designed for gravel.

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