Bicycle lighting for more safety on the bike

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Using new COB technology, the Blinder V Bolt produces a punchy 100 lumen output, that will ensure you’re seen and safe in all lighting conditions.

The PWR Side Mount holds the PWR Road and PWR Trail lights above or below the handlebar,

PWR Trail is a modular bike light. But it’s not JUST another bike light. Not only is it a high powered bike light, but simply take the product apart and you have much more. A lighthead and a PWR Bank to charge devices that is also the battery for all products in the PWR range.

Impressively Innovative, Portable & Functional. With PWR Solar, there are no more flat batteries.

1,600 Lumen is the right amount of lumen to pedal in maximum safety and with surprising visibility.

€3.24 €3.60 -10%

Faro anteriore in silicone per bici