Deda parabolica due aero bars

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Deda parabolica due aero bars

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Parabolica Due is the clip-on for people looking at an aerodynamic position slightly riser compared to the armrest.


Features – Deda parabolica due aero bars

The product consists of three key components only, S-bend extensions that is made of 6061 aluminium, the forged alloy clamp to fix it to the handlebar and the armrest with self-adhesive velcro pad. A special spacers kit allows to increase up to 55mm the armrest height for a more comfortable position and several possibilities of adjustment. Parabolica Due is only available for 31.7 mm diameter handlebar.

Product features

  • Shape: S-bend extensions
  • Material: Alloy 6061
  • Extensions length: max 285mm
  • Grip angle: 0 degrees
  • Rise: 42mm
  • Extension diameter: 24mm
  • Handlebar diameter: 31,7mm
  • Armrest: full adjustable with pads included


  • black anodized


  • 300g

Note: Approved UCI (3:1 rule)

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